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Saturday, October 1, 2011

To enter a contest helps with several things. It gets you focused, it gets you organized, it helps you meet a deadline, it doesn't cost much (for the entry fee), it doesn't require a 40-hour week, or a move, and it fosters independence: it's a viable option.
What Leila is doing - no, she's not "taking jobs away from Americans by using low-cost foreigners" - is placing rural people in developing countries - not city-dwellers - in date entry positions, in India, Haiti, Kenya, Pakistan, South Africa and Uganda.
Data Entry. The United States is already outsourcing all that data entry, it's just that up till now, we've only outsourced to big cities in those countries. Leila knows and has found the people that are poor but educated, that live in the rural areas, to give them these jobs, and she guarantees living wages.
I have to admit, if the U.S. hadn't started outsourcing in the first place, none of this could have happened, but Leila Janah can't take the blame for that. She is merely tapping in, playing tag-along-too-loo, and she refers to it as "creating a whole new channel for wealth creation." (Note the double usage of the word "create".) The challenge is to monitor what's out there (Internet, interact, travel, stay focused) and contribute your part.********

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